A FEW TESTIMONIALS!
Michael and I cannot begin to express how wonderful it was to have you officiate our wedding.  The entire experience was such a pleasure.  Your creative ideas and hard work made our special day truly unique and rich with love and laughter.  Throughout the evening and beyond, our friends and family were so touched by hearing our love story.  They truly felt a part of the experience .  Everyone I talked to raved about our ceremony being the "the best" they have ever attended.  You put all the pieces together and made it wonderful.  "My favorite part however, was watching my wedding video later and seeing you and Michael in a private moment before the ceremony in which you offered kindness and encouragement, and he spontaneously hugged you or possibly clung to you in terror.  I am not sure which!"
                                                                                                                  Marsha & Michael
We can honestly not thank you enough for providing such an amazing wedding ceremony.  You told our story so beautifully and had the whole room laughing and crying all at the same time.  Our parents were not thrilled that we were choosing to get married outside of the church, but they completely understood how personal and romantic our ceremony was!  Countless people have told me that it was the first wedding ceremony where they actually paid attention the whole time because you made it so interesting.  We strongly believe that our ceremony should be about our story with the readings and songs that we wanted.  You delivered exactly what we asked for and then some.  Thank you, Dr. Turcot, for making it the most perfect moment ever.      
                                                                                                                                                                            Joann & Travis
 Two years after their wedding...."our wedding has become the wedding everyone else compares to new weddings to, as in "this wedding is nice but it doesn't compare to Gina and Tony's wedding!  I cannot count the number of times someone has said this to us!  The ceremony was even better than what we anticipated because of how you incorporated "our story" into the ceremony.  You told our story with love, finesse and humor.  Dr. Turcot, you were easy to work with and made the whole planning process and ceremony a lot of fun.  We highly recommend you.
                                                                                               Gina & Tony Mancuso
Dr. Turcot was the the PERFECT choice for our wedding on January 23, 2010.  He took the time to meet with us for a couple of hours where he learned all about us and our beautiful story of our meeting, falling in love, and the proposal.  The best part was that he REALLY cared and enjoyed learning about us so that he could convey that emotion to our guests at the wedding.  Dr. Ron was very professional in that he very fast at responding to any questions we had via telephone or e-mail.   He ran our rehearsal and I attribute a perfect ceremony  to how he conducted the rehearsal and made sure everything was perfect.  Our wedding coordinator at the ballroom where we got married said that she sees a lot of people who come in and officiate a wedding who just don't care.  This is not the case with Dr. Turcot and I would recommend him to anyone.  Our guests were roaring with laughter throughout the ceremony which made the whole family thing very personal and special.  Thank you Dr. Turcot for creating a beautiful wedding ceremony for us ---- it made our day just that more special!  5 Stars! 
                                                                                                           Dr. Oliver & Doris Simpson
QUALITY OF SERVICE:   Our ceremony came with a ten page personalized to how my husband and I wished our perfect ceremony to be.  You get to add or remove as many readings as you wish --- for a long and tearful or short and sweet.   There will be NOTHING in your ceremony ----- either done or said that you don't know about ahead of time....and NOTHING you don't want in your ceremony  and EVERYTHING you do.   Mine was perfect.   There is no other adjective I can use other tha perfect.
RESPONSIVENESS:    Whether you call or e-mail  or send a letter  through the post office, Dr. Turcot will get back to you a.s.a.p.   I do not recall once getting his voicemail and if I did he called me right back.  Whenever I sent him an e-mail he replied within 24 hours (unless it was a weekend).  Performing ceremonies is his job therefore making himself available for you is his priority  and he handles it without a hitch.
PROFESSIONALISM:    FIRST,  To be honest, I expected at some point for him to get me confused with another bride or my venue wrong or anything.  That never happened.  he always knew exactly whay day I was getting married, where and at what time.  I can't say he never gets confused ---  I just know he never did with me.       SECOND ----  he has his profession modeled to an art form.  there is absolutely nothing non - professional about Dr. Turcot.  When you meet him, if you choose to,  you will be met with an extremely genuine person.   FINALLY, ------   On the day of your wedding ----  you will find no other better suited and prepared to handle the chaos  that is getting guests to their seats in a timely and respectable manner.
VALUE OF COST:     I find his fees very reasonable compared to other wedding officiants in the central western Florida region.  But, if you don't take away anything else from this review --  take this:  IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.   My husband and I are glad we didn't change our mind simply because of his fee of $275.00 and we feel very fortunate that Dr. Turcot officiated our wedding.  If we ever decide to Renew our Vows,  we hope Dr. Turcot is still available.  
FLEXABILITY:        I put together my weding in less than 9 months.  I changedm my date three times, I changed the time of the ceremony on the final date twice.  At none of those changes did Dr. Turcot say to me "I cannot perform your ceremony."     Granted you work with Dr. Turcot to make sure he is available, but even when I changed the ceremony time after time --- after he had other ceremonies already scheduled later and earlier on my day ---  he still had the flexability.  I do not think other brides were as indecisive as me....and Dr. Turcot shone evry time.  In short, Dr. Turcot is there to make sure you have the ceremony you want ----  the wedding you always dreamed of.  He believes the day is yours ----  not his.  He makes sure the day is yours --- just how you always imagined.  Ultimately, a small price  to pay for perfection.
                                                                                                                        Barbara & Mark
Dr. Turcot was wonderful to work with.  He met with us for 3 hours, and we discussed how my husband and I met, how we fell in love ....all the little details about our relationship and our love.  The wedding ceremony was so personal and so one-of-a - kind.  He shared our story with the entire  congregation which made it so much easier to not have to explain how we met to 100 people on our wedding day.  It was obvious to everyone that Dr. Turcot truly loves being involved  with marriages  and makes an effort for everyone to feel very special.  I would recommend Dr. Turcot to anyone who seeks a unique, incredibly and personal wedding ceremony.
                                                                                                                      Lois and Charles 
We received so many compliments on the ceremony itself we wanted to convey that to you.  We heard more compliments on the ceremony and our vows than we did about the reception.  Everyone was impressed that a non-religious ceremony could be as fun, beautiful and moving as ours was.  Our guests and family loved the "love story" of how we met and how we got engaged.  The ceremony was an absolute hit for all.    Thank you so much for making our wedding really special.
                                                                                                                    Kathleen & James
Dr. Turcot, thank you so much for providing superior clergy services at our wedding and enjoyable companionship at the reception just afterwards.  Your love for God and hope for humanity clearly shows through.
                                                                                                                   Lisa & Adam