Welcome to our Apparel Page.  On this page, you have the option of selecting which Robe I will wear to your ceremony.  No other Officiants will ever give you that choice.   Since it's your wedding, I believe you should have some choices on what you would like me to wear on your special day.
Below, please carefully review which items / robes you prefer and then make a note of the descriptive title found under each robe photo.   At our free - no obligation consultation, you will be asked to give me your choice(s).  Most brides choose my robes according to their own wedding color schemes and that's just fine.  You can also have the "wedding Stole" shown below over my clerics. The plain black robe shown in the picture no longer exists. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Can also be used in Catholic Services
White Chausable With Cross and Gold Unity Candles

Black & Gold Robe With Doctoral Bars

Plain Black Robe With Wedding Stole

White Robe With Crimson Crosses

White Robe With Gold Designs and Doctoral Bars