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 Please leave your name, wedding date & time, along  with the city and ceremony location,  your contact telephone numbers and the best time to call OR you can send us an e-mail.  I  will return your call  the same day OR if you call after 9:00 PM pm, I will call the very next day.  Guaranteed!   Call us today at:  (727) 871-9900. Rev. Dr. Ronald Turcot

You finally decided to tie the knot and set the date, time and location. Rather than have an expensive wedding reception which requires you  to entertain all of your friends and some family members  that you have not seen or heard from in years, and considering all the other expenses and hassles that go with formal wedding planning, an elopement sounds like an excellent decision for you and yours.   Now, it would seem that all you need to do is find an Officiant to perform your wedding.   I am here here to serve your needs in that situation -  day, night,  or anytime.   Short notice OK!  Simply call Rev. Ronald Turcot at:  (727) 871-9900 or send an E-MAIL to:   tampaweddingofficiants@yahoo.com

Nature has created some of the most beautiful chapels in all the world - Beach settings with waves crashing on the beach, - Parks and natural settings beneath large trees - Perhaps your own backyard or those of a friend - In your own home or a rented hall, botanical gardens, an arboretum, or a theatre.  In addition,  Your favorite restaurant - A picnic site or a public aquarium, to mention just a few. Use Your Imagination!   SIMPLY CALL Rev. Dr. Ronald Turcot AT (727)  871-9900.

Too many bridal couples fail to plan for "bad weather" on their special day. Always make an "emergency back-up plan" for just such a situation, especially if your ceremony is to be held outside.   Sometimes its good to call the local weather bureau and ask what was the weather like on (give your wedding date) and then go back three (3) years.   Then, you will have a three (3) year record on your wedding date. That information will give you valuable insight on the probability of what your weather will be like on  your "special day."
If you are planning an outside wedding ceremony, and you would like it somewhere near  the "break of dawn" or you wish to have your photos taken at just about "sundown,"  we would advise you to check the government's website.   That will give you the exact time of both events, at or near the location/city where the wedding is to start.  The following two websites will give you that information.

With America experiencing difficult financial times, money will be tight, to say the least.   One sure way to reduce your wedding expenses in seeking a venue to hold your reception, is to consider hiring a military veteran's hall.   Veteran's  organizations like the American Legion or The Veterans of Foreign Wars is a good start.  Someone in your family is most likely a veteran and has served in the U.S. Armed Forces.    This makes you eligible to hire the hall and that veteran would need to be present to rent it  on your behalf.   Almost all halls have ample seating capacity for parties, ( accomodating at least 100+ guests) a well equipped kitchen, and ample parking.   The fees vary in each hall, but in general,  the cost factor is approximately $ 150.00 to $ 300.00 and may even go up slightly, depending on the size of the hall and additional amenities available.   It is possible that the hall rental will be FREE, if the veteran is a member of that post. 
Another thing in your favor, is that the cost of liquor. beer, and  wine is at least fifty (50 %) percent or LESS  than you would have spent with a hotel-resort.   With a hotel banquet room, you are paying for the location and the atmosphere.  It's a lot less expensive to hire a private caterer to come to the veteran's hall and serve you and your guests.  If you are fortunate enough to have family members prepare the food themselves,  the "savings" will be considerable.   Caterers or your family are able to use the hall's kitchen to keep food warm and ready to serve, as well as to keep your wedding cake etc. cold.   In addition, the hall will have ample parking and restrooms available.   In factoring in the hall rental, catering costs  averaging at least $25.00 - $55.00 per guest  and about $1,000.00 in liquor consumption.  The wedding costs would be approximately $ 5,000.00 dollars, if you invited 125 guests. 
Considering all the costs involved, the price for a complete wedding in a military hall is very inexpensive.  Put the savings towards your honeymoon or a needed item for your new home. Flowers, limousines, a D.J. and photographer, etc.  would be additional and are standard services utilized in any wedding regardless of the location.   A note of caution:   Don't make the mistake of hiring a vendor because they offer "lower rates" than someone else.   Quality and experience count too!   In general, you get what you pay for.   It is interesting that a bridal couple will pay outrageous fees to other vendors for their services, but will try and "get over" on the very person that will be uniting them in marriage.   Thank God, our ceremony rates are  affordable and  fit into anyone's budget.  
All  brides  know  that any location she chooses will still incur those expenses and vendor services.  Today's U. S. weddings  will average at least $28,000.00 to $30,000 dollars  and that's  using the standard hotel / resort ballroom & catering facilities.   For those bridal couple's on a "shoestring budget,"   the veterans clubs are an excellent choice.   We would  be delighted to recommend such locations upon request.    FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL Rev. Dr. Ronald Turcot at (727)  871-9900.

1.)  I will always "stick to" the agreed upon ceremony content that you personally reviewed and signed-off on.
2.)  I do not require the bridal couple to hold membership in any church or have a religious preference. 
3.)  I will personally meet with every bridal couple at 'no-charge" or obligation.
4.)  When you book my services, I will be the only one assigned to perform your wedding unless an emergency should arise beyond my control.  A back-up ordained clergyman is always available in such an instance.  This rarely ever happens, however  I have already thought of this and have taken the responsibility to ensure your wedding moves forward as planned.  The complete wedding ceremony and all details associated with it,  is already written and the replacement Officiant simply uses my prepared materials.   Our very talented Officiants can easily ensure your 'Special  Day " to be a memorable and romantic success. 
5.)  Your status of co-habitation is not important to me.  There is no pre-marital counseling required, unless you request it.   I am not a judgemental person, nor are any of my clergymen-officiants.  Everything you tell me is considered very confidential and never discussed with anyone else outside this ministry.  Past experience has shown us that our clients prefer it that way.
6.)  Upon my arrival at your ceremony site,  I will make contact with your wedding planner (if applicable), musicians or D.J. as well as your  photographer and videographer, to ensure that everyone is informed as to what is happening  just before, during and immediately after, the ceremony.   We all need to be coordinated to avoid mistakes.
7.)  I will answer all questions asked by the bridal couple.
8.)  I will furnish a "finalized"  draft of your ceremony for your approval prior to your wedding date.
9.)  YOUR VOWS are spoken to you in four (4) word increments, and never rushed.  The bridal couple simply repeats them after me.  Never attempt to memorize any part of your ceremony.  You will be nervous enough as it is.  An average wedding time takes between 15 to 40 minutes in length.  It really depends on the rituals you add to your ceremony. 
10.)  At your reception, I am available & willing to say "Grace" before the meal.  I consider that an honor.    That decision is always yours.  




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