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Experienced in performing and planning weddings, I know that professionalism, knowledge,  patience,  as well as flexibility  and good listening skills  are the key ingredients to providing consistent quality wedding  ceremonies.  It's vital that bridal couples share their wishes and dreams with us so that we can make every effort for those needs to come true.   We offer and provide many years of combined experience serving both in the pulpit and now the wedding industry.   It is that experience that will successfully guide you to your "special day."  Of course, an Officiant with a  good sense of humor helps too!  CALL:   Rev. Ronald Turcot at (727) 871-9900
My approach to ceremonies, consistent with my philosophy, is that the service belongs to the bridal couple.  No one can dictate the content of the ceremony.  It's your wedding.  You are in charge of who is in it, how it goes and to a large extent what is said.  As an Officiant, my role is to make sure  you develop the right wedding ceremony of union.  As we work together to craft your ceremony,  I will make suggestions based on my expertise,  experience, and years of training about different ways that the various elements of a ceremony might best flow together.  Always, the final decision remains yours     CALL:  (727)  871-9900
We decided to expand our focus and learn as much as we can about the process of wedding planning.  We constantly reach out to other wedding professionals  and couples to learn what challenges they face, what decisions work best for them, and which businesses exceed their expectations.  This helps us to help you! 

Here's an easy way to make the inevitable cutting of your guest list manageable.  As you assemble your unedited list, ask everyone involved  (you, your groom, your parents & his) to develop his or her own "wish list" by ranking the names on their rosters from MOST to LEAST important.   After you've determined the realistic number of guests your budget can accomodate,  you can ask everyone to simply cut an assigned percentage of names from his or her list, starting from the bottom.
To determine what size venue site you'll need for your reception, you should take into account the size of the parking lot and number of restrooms as well as the seating capacity and size of the ballroom.  RULES OF THUMB:  one toilet for every twenty-five (25) guests, and one parking space for every two (2) guests.  When determining  if a room will be able to accomodate your party, keep in mind that it's nicer to have a snug fit than to have abundance of extra space.  It will make the reception look bigger as well.
One detail you certainly don't want to overlook is how your attendants (wedding party) will get to the wedding and back.  A common snafu:  On the return trip, brides usually arrange for their own and the groom's transportation, forgetting that the attendants who arrived at the wedding in the Bridal limo will need another way to get home and / or the reception location.
Whether you are going to be styling your hair on your own or having someone else do it, make sure that you have a practice session one month before your wedding.  When you have your practice session, don't forget to bring your veil (if applicable)!   You want to make sure that the style looks right for your wedding day.  Also, make sure you have your final haircut at least two weeks prior to the wedding.  This allows you to determine the correct hairstyle,  time needed, as well as having you avoid " hair disasters."  If you are basing your hairstyle or color on a picture, you will want to bring that picture with you so that it is easy for your stylist to follow. 


It's exciting to have your wedding plans announced in the local newspaper, but refrain  from having your home address printed with them.   Thieves have been known to scour papers for such events and then break into the bride or groom's residences during the wedding and reception, when they know no one will be home.  Consider having a neighbor house-sit for you during the wedding & reception times or have many lights on in the house with your radio playing.
Make the most of your budget by choosing blooms that are in season and locally grown. Be honest with your florist about your budget and have them recommend the most inexpensive  flowers.  Allow them some flexability.  Also, the more labor that goes into making your floral arrangements, the more expensive they'll be.  A simple hand-tied bouquet will cost less than an intricate "cascade."  Ask your florist to provide a "toss" bouquet designed especially for this ritual.  It won't cost much and you'll be able to keep the flowers you carried down the aisle to press and preserve. 
Put a bridesmaid in charge of knowing where this extra bouquet is stored and retrieving it for you when its time.  Talk to party rental suppliers about renting large potted plants such as tropical palms or ficus.  They visually fill a lot of space, and will help frame your ceremony site or warm up your reception.  Best of all, renting a potted plant is far less expensive than buying large flower arrangements.  Also, you may consider purchasing these large plants and using them in your home afterwards to get more use of them.    

Realistically, you'll need a week to address your invitations, assemble the many layers,  stuff envelopes and apply postage.   You may even want to call on your bridesmaids to help.   If you'd like your envelopes addressed by a professional calligrapher, make arrangements as soon as the invitations are ordered (at least four (4) months in advance).  For an added fee, most will handle the stuffing and mailing for you too.
As you receive your response cards from guests, store them alphabetized, in a recipe-card box.  Record the guest's name on the back of each RSVP card.  When opening your presents, pull each guest's card and write a description on it of the gift they gave you.  When you're ready to write thank-you notes, you'll have all the information you need in one place.
It's important to include hotel information in your out-of-town guest's invitations.  Provide a map with distances and driving time from the airport to the hotels and the ceremony site.  Since many hotels offer group rates, it's a good idea to reserve a block of rooms for your guests.  This enables them to make reservations and enjoy a discount to boot.
You can insure your wedding day against everything from bad weather to stolen presents.  It's true, and depending on the circumstances of your affair, it may not be a bad idea.  Inquire only with a reputable insurance agency.
It's likely that you, your groom and both sets of parents will be contributing money toward the wedding expenses.   The most effective (and stress-free) way to manage these funds?   Collect the money that each party has promised up front and start a checking account in yours and your groom's name that's used only for wedding expenses.   By pooling all the funds, no contributor will demand to take control of, say the flowers because she's paying for them.   Plus, with only you and your groom paying all the bills, your accounts will be organized.
Believe it or not, choosing a tux can be nearly as challenging as choosing a gown.  There are many choices out there, and a tux included multiple pieces - a jacket, vest, shirt, neckwear, and shoes.  Since each piece comes in a variety of styles, the variations are practically endless.  Do yourself a favor and start shopping early. CALL:  (727)  871-9900.

1.)  DO look for a tux provider with multiple (national chain) locations.  A store with nationwide stores provide the most convenience.  Especially if some members of your wedding party live out of town.  Your traveling (incoming buddy) can rent in his hometown, pick up at your location and return the tux at yet another.
2.)  DO rent from a store that carries a large in-house inventory.  Although your tux will probably be sent from a warehouse location, make sure that the store itself carries a wide selection of tuxes.  In the unlikely event that something happens to the suit you ordered, you need to have backup at your fingertips.
3.)  DO visit your store three to five months prior to your wedding.  For the most efficient use of your time, schedule an appointment with a store consultant, who can take your measurements and help you choose a style.  Research the internet and look for different tuxes and their names.  If you do find one, download a photo of it and bring it into the tux store.  Ask the tux consultant if he can recommend one that complements your body type.  FOR MORE INFORMATION:  (727)  871-9900
4.)  DO remember to schedule a final fitting one week before the wedding.  If you gained or lost weight, you may need some last-minute alterations.
5.)  You can have your fathers and brothers all match your groomsmen. 
6.)  DON'T wait until the last minute to rent your tux.  The very minimum most stores will allow you to rent is two weeks in advance.   You should also order early so any mishaps or changes can be made in time.
7.)  DON'T  forget to consider how your out of town groomsmen will be fitted.  If there isn't a store outlet near them, they should send in their measurements to you ahead of time.  Do not let those groomsmen measure themselves.  Have them go to a tailor and let him do the measurements accurately.  A tuxedo requires very exact measurements to look good.
8.)  DON'T  assume that all your out-of - town groomsmen will be responsible enough to remember all their dates and details about rentals.  Keep them updated with e-mails and calls to ensure that they meet all the necessary deadlines.
9.)  DON'T  forget to return your tux the next day.  After the reception comes to an end, your mind will be on your honey and your honeymoon, so arrange for your Best Man or a trusted family member to return your tux for you.  CALL FOR INFORMATION:  (727)  871-9900

This ministry will assist the bridal couples (our clients) in locating and securing professional wedding industry vendors at NO CHARGE.  I will ONLY recommend businesses that I have previously worked with and have consistently maintained the highest work ethic, integrity, and quality reputation.  My reputation means a great deal to me and I would never jeopardise my clients trust.  CALL:  (727)  871-9900.
Your bridesmaids can wear traditional bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses, or cocktail dresses.  All these options allow you to get the look you want, no matter how formal or informal you need to go.  Brideswmaid dresses are usually more expensive.  So, if you want to save money, go with formal or cocktail dresses.  Costumes are also an inexpensive option.
Depending on how elaborate your bridesmaids dresses are, costs can range from $50 to $250 or more.  The more expensive dresses are made of satin or silk, and they usually have handcrafted details like beading or embroidery.
But the purchase price is by no means the end of the dress bill.  Bridal shops almost always charge extra for alterations, which can run anywhere from $20 to $100.  Even if you purchase the dresses at a department store or online, you'll still likely have to pay a seamstress for alterations.  Some department stores offer free minor alterations, such as hemming.  If you find the attendant dresses you like, inquire about the stores alterations policy before you place the order.  I have found great deals on lovely wedding dresses at Davids Bridal from $79 to $99.  They have a special area in their stores for these specially priced dresses.  This option would be really cost-effective.
Procrastination can cost you money.  A delay in ordering the dresses can add an extra rush delivery fee to the outfits.  So be sure to order the bridesmaid dresses  (or have your bridesmaids order them) as soon as you decide on a style and color.   It's far better and in-expensive to have too much time for alterations than not enough.  Besides, the earlier they have their dresses, the more time they'll have have to find the right shoes at the right price.
You don't have to confine your choices to traditional bridesmaid dresses.  Formal dresses are often much cheaper.  Plus, your bridesmaids will be able to wear the dress again after the wedding.  You can get great-looking informal or formal dresses by buying at department stores or or online retailers, such as Amazon.com or Overstock.com.
If you want a more formal look, check out cocktail or party dresses.  To get a less formal look, select sleeveless, knee-length dresses for your summer wedding.  This choice won't cost you (or your bridesmaids) a fortune, and it allows them to wear the dresses again for any number of summer occasions.


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